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Proverbs from India

  • What does a monkey know of the taste of ginger?
  • The hill at a distance appears smooth.
  • The quarrel between a husband and wife is till they eat and go to bed.
  • If it does not bend as a sapling, will it when it is a tree?
  • A wise man to the rest of the world, but a nobody at home.
  • Living in water and being an enemy of the crocodile is not good.
  • Clouds that thunder seldom rain.
  • One's mother and homeland are greater than even heaven.
  • What you know is as big as the size of your palm, what you do not know is as big as the size of the universe.
  • It is like giving a gem to a monkey.
  • Not only did the monkey ruin himself, he also ruined the garden.
  • The food which came to the hand did not come to mouth.
  • One who knows how to talk will have no fights, one who knows how to eat will have no sickness.
  • Knows no dance, (claims) the stage is tilted.
  • A small seed in a camel's mouth.
  • Facts don't require proof to stand correct.
  • In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.
  • A single blow of a blacksmith is equal to a hundred blows of a goldsmith.
  • Will the crow, after bathing, become a stork?
  • Life is a bridge. Cross over it, but build no house on it.
  • It is like a cat drinking milk with eyes closed
  • Don't bargain for fish which are still in the water.
  • The cobra will bite you whether you call it cobra or Mr. Cobra.
  • Education in your childhood is like the letters in a sculpture
  • Obey what the elders tell you, at first they may sound sour, later it will be sweet.


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