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Limra School in Gulbarga May 2007

When our members Sajo and Lisa first visited Limra School at Gulbarga, Karnataka, in February 2007, it looked rather like a building under construction: the walls were not plastered, there was a lack of teaching aids, and children had to take their afternoon nap on concrete floor. Evidently there was a lot of work to be done there.

Discussing possible fields of cooperation with the teachers gave us a more complete picture of the school’s background. It was founded in 1999. Principal Mrs. Afreen Khan and two teachers ran the school as a three-woman project for the first three years. In the meantime the school has grown: 180 boys and 80 girls from kindergarten to standard seven are taught by 18 teachers. The curriculum includes mathematics, biology and physics as well as five languages: Arabic, English and Kannada, the local language (from kindergarten), Hindi (from 1st standard) and Urdu (from 4th standard).

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Some ideas developed during this visit could be realized only three months later when Markus, Annette, Sajo, Beate, Ulla and Sibylle visited Gulbarga in May 2007. Our main aims were to renovate the school building and to equip the school with teaching material. Five of the twelve classrooms were renovated according to our plan. Children were happy about their new schoolbooks and stationery and the whole school will benefit from the new maps, wall charts and sports equipment. For more pictures see Photos about the Limra School.



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