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General Facts

  • Official Name: Bharat Ganarajya (Hindi)
  • Since 15. August 1947 independent Democratic Federal State
  • Size: ca. 3 Mio. Square Kilometer
  • Language: Official Language is Hindi (Devanagri Script) and English, Apart from them there are 22 Officially Registered Language in Indien (For Example. Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Urdu, Gujarati, Malayalam, Kannada etc)
  • Currency: Indian Rupees (75 Rupees is approximately 1 Euro)
  • Climatic Condition: is different on different part of the Country, Cooler Region in North, and Tropical Monsoon in South.
  • Population: ca. 1.324 Billion (2016 Survey)
  • Approximate Calculation of different sex: ca. 30 % Kids (about 14 Years old), ca. 65 % Major Population (15 - 64 Years old), ca. 5 % Elder Population (Above 64 Jahre), Median age: ca: 25.1 years Definition
  • Population growth rate: ca. 1.6 %
  • Religion: Hindus 81,3%, Islam 12%, Christian 2,3%, Sikh 1,9%, others 2,5%
  • Common Diseases: Hepatitis A und B, Typhus, Dengue Fiver, Malaria
  • Litracy: ca. 30 % of the Male Population and ca. 50 % of the Female Population about 15% of the Population is illiterate
  • Flag of India copyright © Hamara Bandhan e.V. Since 1947 this is the National Flag of India. The saffron color represents courage, sacrifice and the spirit of renunciation. The white color for purity and truth. The green color represents faith and fertility, the white color with the wheel with 24 spikes represents the law in the Sarnath Lion Capital, the Ashoka Chakra.


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