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Thiruvalla School for the Deaf

Building with classroom copyright © Hamara Bandhan e.V. Thiruvalla School for the Deaf, in the state of Kerala, was founded in 1938 as South India's first School for the Deaf. It has been expanding constantly since then. Currently it is attended by about 450 children aged 5 to 18 and taught by about 40 teachers in classes 1 - 12. To adapt to the special needs of the children, class size is limited to 8 - 10 pupils maximally. For more pictures see School for the Deaf Photos..


Schoolchild copyright © Hamara Bandhan e.V. Most children are deaf from birth, often due to diseases like rubella during pregnancy, or to genetic transmission. Most children are from poor families, which hinders timely treatment.

We offer vocational courses for the senior students to enable them to lead a self-sufficient life.

One of the classrooms was modified into a tailoring unit. We provided eleven sewing machines, furniture and teaching materials. During the first year, Hamara Bandhan e. V. also paid the teacher's salary as well, after one year of paying the teachers salary the school took over this expense on its own. This is to ensure that tailoring courses can be offered on a long-term basis and independently from Hamara Bandhan e. V.'s financial support.

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