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Our Organisation

The non-profit organisation Hamara Bandhan (English: Our Relation) was founded in July 2005 by Heidelberg based friends and colleagues with the aim of supporting social projects in India.

A real India-German contact's was first established when we were joined by a new colleague from India. It was strengthened further when our friend and colleague introduced us to his family one evening on the occasion of their visit to Germany. On this evening the idea of founding an organisation was born.

Because of this personal contacts with trustworthy partners in India makes us feel strongly that we found the perfect conditions for this kind of organisations.

We try to have some of our members present at each project. This way we can collect new ideas for our next projects. As we were motivated by the acceptance of our projects, we are looking forward to our organisation's next activities.

Of course there are going to be further projects to support economically poor people in India in the years to come. Continously we organize each month an eye camp with ca. 50 surgeries for the treatment of cataract.



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