See again


Altogether Hamara Bandhan e. V.'s Eye Camps will have saved the eyesight of over 8,000 people on this day. We organized over 200 Eye Camps in the regions of Bidar, Gulbarga, Haveri, Mysore and Bangalore.

Only 25 Euros per patient will cover all costs including the operation pre and post checkup's. You can help to save eye sight.

Eye Camps in Karnataka

We arrange Eye Camps in the rural region of Bidar, Gulbarga, Haveri, Mysore and Bangalore in South India, continuously . The aim of the Eye Camp is the eradication of cataract, a disease of the eye which is common in South India. Patients undergo a minor operation replacing the clouded lens with an artificial one. This costs only about 25 Euros, but still many patients cannot afford the operation. Hamara Bandhan e. V. helps these people by providing free treatment for them.


The Disease of cataract is very common in India. This is due to strong solar radiation and the malnutrition among the poor sections of the population. Cataract causes a clouding of the lens, resulting in the weakening and ultimately complete loss of eyesight. Poor people suffering from cataract rarely have the chance to get adequate treatment in an eye hospital because hospitals are either too far away or too expensive. So we decided to dedicate our first project to these people and provide them with adequate cataract treatment - a simple minor operation - free of cost.

The costs for information, transportation, medicine's, lenses and the operation itself to be borne by the Organisation that is by your donation. About 50 patient depending on the illness ratio were operated, only 25 Euros per patient will cover all costs including the operation pre and post checkup's.


We give importance to the Medical qualification of the staff carrying out the examination and treatment in our "Eye Camp" and to the hygienic standards of the hospital where the patient's are operated in. This lead us to Dr. Sybil Meshramkar the director of Velemegna Hospitals Golekhana in Bidar and to Dr. Pujari, the HoD Ophtomology of the Basaveshwar Hospital in Gulbarga.

The meticulous planning of ours in India and here in Germany made it possible to have smooth and successful eye camps in the last years.

Roadmap of an Eye Camp

The information about the Eye checkup in the villages in the rural area is done by distributing flyers and is announced with the help of a Microphone and speakers which are mounted on a vehicle and a date is informed to the people for the Eye checkup, and then each patients are individually checked up and decided weather an operation is required in the respective case or not. About 300 people are checked up and about 50 patients are declared to have cataract and could be operated.


For the operation the patients are brought from their respective villages to local Hospital. The patients are kept in the Hospital for two days and in the operation the patients are Lens were replaced. After a 2 day post operation stay in hospital the patient are taken back home, to make sure the operation has been successful the patient will be taken back after six weeks to the hospital for a post checkup and taken back home.

  In our visits in Bidar we could see the operated patient and could feel that we have reached our goal. It was through your donations we could give the patient their eye sight back by which they are no more dependent on any other person and can once again see the colour of beautiful colour of life.

Naturally it was also possible because of the good work of our partners. All our expectations what we had being here in Germany has reached to it's ultimate result.

And all this just for 25 Euros per operated patient.